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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Terms of Use


창조경제혁신센터의 이용약관에 대해 알려드립니다.

[Chapter 1 General Provisions]

Article 1 (Purpose)
  • - The purpose of these terms of use is to determine the membership conditions, rights, duties, and responsibilities of the website and its users, and other necessary things when using the Internet service (hereinafter "service") provided by Creative Economy Town (hereinafter "the Site").
Article 2 (Definition of Terms)
  • ① "Users" refer to members and non-members who receive services provided by the site under these terms of use.
  • ② "Service"refers to all the information provided by Creative Economy Town (creative idea proposal, shared idea space, dialogue with a mentor, information support for idea business, etc.).
  • ③ “Member" means a person who provides personal information on the Site and is given an ID and password to use the service.
  • ④ “Non-member" is a person who does not join as a member but uses services provided by Creative Economy Town.
  • ⑤ “Member ID" means a combination of letters and numbers selected by the member himself/herself for identifying the member and using the service.
  • ⑥ "Password" is a combination of letters, numbers and special characters selected by the member to protect his/her personal information and private content created by him/her.
  • ⑦ "Mentors" refer to experts in each field who wish to help in each step in order to realize a new product and service through the materialization of ideas proposed by Creative Economy Town, the development of technology, and the production of prototypes.
Article 3 (Effect and Change of Terms of Use)
  • ① The Site shall post these terms of use on the initial service screen of the site so that the member can know it. However, these terms of use may be allowed to be viewed by the user through the connected screen.
  • ② If these terms of use are revised, the site specifies the date of its application and the reason for the revision. In addition, the site notifies the revised terms of use on the initial screen of the site or the screen connected with the initial screen, together with the current terms of use, from7 days before the application date to the day before the application date. Provided that these terms of use are revised in disadvantage to the members, there shall be at least 30 days of grace before the announcement. In this case, the site clearly shows the difference by comparing the content before revision with the content after revision so that users can easily know it.
  • ③ Although the site makes notice of the revision in accordance with the preceding paragraph and clearly states that "if a member does not clearly express his/her intention to deny it before the date of revision, he/she shall be deemed to agree to the revision", when the member does not clearly express his/her intention to deny it, he/she shall be deemed to agree to the revised terms of use. If a member does not agree to the revised terms of use, he/she may terminate the contract of the site. In this case, Article 14 shall apply mutatis mutandis.
Article 4 (Rules other than terms of use)
  • ① These terms of use shall be applied together with the guide of services that the site provides.
  • ② Relevant Act and subordinate statute apply to matters not specified in these terms of use.

[Chapter 2 Conclusion of Use Contract]

Article 5 (Establishment of Use Contract)
  • ① If a user chooses to agree to the terms of use set by the site, fills in the application form defined by the site, and applies for the use of the service, the site will accept the application. Hereby, the user's use contract is established.
  • ② Members can log in to the sites linked to Creative Economy Town with the member ID and password of the site. The range of linked sites that can be used is limited to the sites that the member has already signed up for.
Article 6 (Membership Registration)
  • If a customer wishes to use the service, the customer must fill in his/her personal information on the registration form set forth on the site.
  • ① Membership qualifications are limited to Koreans (Korean nationals). In the case of Korean nationals residing in a foreign country (except those who acquire foreign nationality as a direct descendant of the Republic of Korea or those who have Korean nationality), he or she must submit an application for membership (agreement of the terms of use and provision of information) and a copy of the passport of the Republic of Korea (valid passport at the time of application).
  • ② Provided that he/she is a mentor who is a knowledge service provider, his/her nationality is not subject to restrictions.
Article 7 (Protection and Use of Personal Information)
  • The site strives to protect the personal information of members, including membership registration information, in accordance with relevant Act and subordinate statue. The relevant Act and privacy policy of the site apply to the protection and use of the member's personal information. However, the privacy policy of this website does not apply to linked sites other than the site.
Article 8 (Approval and Limitation of Use Application)
  • ① The site permits the customer who applies for the use under Article 6 to use the service according to the conditions set forth in the terms of use.
  • ② If the following conditions are met, the site may not accept membership or cancel membership without prior notice.
  • When the contents are false in applying for membership
  • In case of violation of other prescribed matters at the time of application
  • When a user interferes with another person's use of the site or takes an action such as stealing the information
  • When a user does a behavior prohibited by the relevant Act and the terms of use by making use of the site
Article 9 (Grant and Change of Member ID, etc.)
  • ① The site grants the member ID that a user selects in accordance with the terms of use.
  • ② Member ID cannot be changed in principle. If a user wants to change the ID due to unavoidable reason, the user must cancel the ID and rejoin the site.
  • ③ The member ID of the site can be used as the member ID of the sites linked to Creative Economy Town under the member's consent.
  • ④ Other matters such as the management and modification of personal information of members shall be in accordance with the regulations in the guide for each service.
  • ⑤ When a user’s personal information written down at the time of membership registration is changed, the member can change it online. In this case, the member is responsible for any problems caused by unchanged personal information.

[Chapter 3 Obligations of Contracting Party]

Article 10 (Obligation of Creative Economy Town)
  • ① The site should enable the user to use the service on the date when he/she wants to use the desired service unless there are special circumstances.
  • ② The site establishes a security system for privacy protection and publishes and observes privacy policy.
  • ③ The site shall take appropriate measures when opinions suggested by Members are considered as reasonable.
  • ④ The site shall not be liable for any damages, losses, or any other disadvantage of the user arising from warfare, incident, natural disaster, emergency, technical defects that can not be solved by the present technology, causes beyond the control, and reasons attributable to the user.
Article 11 (Obligations of Members)
  • ① A user must write down all the information based on the facts by his/her real name when applying for membership or changing the membership information, and can not claim any rights if he/she registers false or other information.
  • ② A member is responsible for any consequences arising from such negligence or misuse of the password for the ID granted to the member, except where the Site is responsible under the relevant Acts and privacy policy.
  • ③ A member shall not infringe the intellectual property right of this site and the third party.
  • ④ Users should not impersonate the operator, employee, or another person of the site.
  • ⑤ Users should not create, distribute or use viruses or malignant codes, and do not advertise without permission of this site.
  • ⑥ Users should not post, transmit, or distribute any posts, notes, or e-mails that are defamatory, obstructive, obscene, violent to the Site or any third party, or against public order and good morals.

[Chapter 4 Use of Services]

Article 12 (Use Time of Services)
  • ① The service will be started from the time when the membership application is accepted. However, for some services, the service will start from the specified date.
  • ② If the service fails to start due to a business or technical disability, it will be posted on the Site or notified to Members.
  • ③ The service can be used all year round and in principle, it is available 24 hours a day. The service response and the treatment time shall be working hours on legal working days (09:00 - 18:00, except for legal holidays and weekends). However, the service may be stopped temporarily for business or technical reasons on the site. In such cases, the site shall notify it before or after the stop.
  • ④ Even after joining as a member, some services may be provided only to specific members according to the demand of the service provider.
  • ⑤ By dividing the service into several ranges, the available time for each range can be set respectively. In this case, the details shall be disclosed in advance.
Article 13 (Homepage Copyright)
  • ① The copyright of all contents of this homepage posted by the site is on the site. However, if there is an original author of the post, the source is specified and the copyright of the post is in the original author.
  • ② The copyright of the work which a member has posted directly belongs to the member. However, it is assumed that the member has allowed the site to use it for free.
  • ③ The contents owned by the site are prohibited from being used or quoted on another site by a third party without permission.
Article 14 (Change and Stop of Services)
  • ① The site may change or stop some or all of the services due to technical and operational requirements. If the service on the site is stopped, it will be posted on the homepage 30 days in advance. Provided that there are inevitable circumstances that cannot be notified in advance, it may be notified after the stop.
  • ② In the case of Clause 1, regarding the use of the service provided by the site, the site assumes no responsibility for any damages to the user. However, the damages caused by intentional or material negligence of the site are excluded from it.

[Chapter 5 Contract Termination and Use Restrictions]

Article 15 (Use Time of Services)
  • ① Members may request to terminate the contract at any time using My Information Management (My Page) menu on the initial screen of the service, and the site shall treat with the request immediately according to the relevant laws and regulations.
  • ② When a member terminates the contract, all data of the member will be deleted as soon as the contract is terminated, except when the site has the member's information in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the privacy policy.
  • ③ If a member terminates the contract, the post made by the member (such as the post on the public bulletin board, the proposed idea, etc.) is not deleted, and it is kept for management purposes of the Creative Economy Town.
Article 16 (Restriction on Use of Services)
  • ① The site may restrict the use of the service if the member violates the terms and the relevant laws or regulations when using the service or falls under any of the following cases.
  • - If the user has never used the service for more than 2 years
  • - If it interferes with other normal service operation
  • ② The site may temporarily limit the use of the service or terminate the use contract in accordance with the above restriction on use, after prior notice to the member using the service. However, this is not the case if prior notice is not possible due to unavoidable reasons.

[Chapter 6 Compensation for Damages and Others]

Article 17 (Use Time of Services)
  • - In the event of any damages arising out of or in connection with the services provided free of charge to members, the Site shall not be liable for the damages except for intentional or negligent damages.
Article 18 (Use Time of Services)
  • - If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising out of the use of the service, the lawsuit will be brought to the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.
Article 19 (Prior Consent and Obligations of Users by Service)
  • ① Users who use the 'Idea Power Station' service on the site must take the necessary measures themselves to protect legally their rights (patents, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, etc.). The site does not guarantee nor assume any obligation or responsibility for guaranteeing or obtaining the rights of the user. In addition, the site is not liable for any dispute or any loss or damage of any kind caused by the user's actions (including all the actions of using the services of the site).
  • ② The 'Shared Idea Space' service within 'Idea Power Station' aims to create, share, and develop creative ideas among users. In order to legally protect the notices or publicly disclosed ideas, inventions, designs, products, designs and other results (Any result considered to be notice or public, except for ideas, inventions, designs, and products)(Hereinafter collectively referred to as "ideas, etc.") in the "Shared Idea Space" posts, the person who provide them must acquire intellectual property rights directly. Intellectual property rights include industrial property rights such as patents, utility models, trademarks, designs, and copyright related to literature, music, and artworks. The site does not take any legal responsibility for any disputes related to the rights of the posts in the 'Shared Idea Space'.
  • ③ Relation between idea notice and notice under patent law: All ideas announced or disclosed in the 'Shared Idea Space' on the site correspond to those prescribed in Article 29 of the Patent Act, Article 4 of the Utility Model Act, and Article 5 of the Design Protection Act. In some other way, there are no legal exceptions to notice or disclosure on the site. However, a person who provides an idea, etc. may apply for a patent or utility model with the same intention from the notice or publication date (within 12 months for patent and utility model) based on each relevant provision of the Patent Act, Utility Model Act, and Design Protection Act (Article 30 of the Patent Act, Article 5 of the Utility Model Act, and Article 8 of the Design Protection Act). In the case of design, it is possible to make a design application within six months by stating the same purpose. (However, if a third party discloses the same idea before the application, the application may be rejected. The description of the site is provided for users’convenience only and users should consult with a lawyer or patent attorney for specific legal protection or other advice.)
  • ④ With regard to the 'Creative Idea Suggestion' or 'Idea Contest' service, the site does not have any legal or moral liability for any infringement of the intellectual property rights or other rights of others by the idea suggestion or idea contest of the user, or for any dispute related to any illegal activity arising out of the idea suggestion or idea contest process. Users should not infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of others, such as stealing ideas from others in the suggestion or contest above and should not violate other laws. If the user's idea suggestion or contest act is reprocessing or stealing the idea of another person, if the behavior infringes the intellectual property rights or other rights of others, or if other illegal acts are revealed in the process, even if the fact is discovered after the idea is adopted, if there is reasonable doubt, the adoption may be canceled without notice, even before a final decision by the court or other third party is made. In addition, if the user's idea suggestion or contest action infringes the intellectual property rights of others or the rights which can be protected or have been protected by other laws, or if other illegal acts exist, the user may take civil and criminal responsibility under the provisions of relevant law, and the site takes no responsibility for any disputes related to this.
  • ⑤ The "Exposure Title" entry of the "Creative Ideas Suggestion" application screen will be filled with the idea "Exposure Title", which is intended to be exposed to the general public. If a user agrees to receive email from the general public (users and members) through the disclosure of the "Exposure Title", the "Exposure Title" will be made public on the bulletin board. The "Exposure Title" entry should not contain core technical content. If core technology is entered into the "Exposure Title" entry and this information is open to the general public, this may lead to disputes related to idea security. The Creative Economy Town does not bear legal responsibility for such disputes.
Article 20 (Creative Economy Town Mentor)
  • - Creative Economy Town Mentors (hereinafter ‘Mentors’) refer to experts in each field who wish to help in each step in order to realize a new product and service through the materialization of ideas proposed by Creative Economy Town, the development of technology, and the production of prototypes. When a person joins Creative Economy Town and applies for a mentor through a prescribed form, he or she will be granted the qualification and role if Creative Economy Town Manager approves it. The Mentor pledges not to engage in any illegal means and methods (usurpation or outflows) against any information (including suggested ideas) obtained through mentoring (such as advice and counseling for users). If the mentor violates this, the Creative Economy Town operation agency may impose legal responsibility for the mentor.

[Chapter 7 Operational Policy on the Posts of Creative Economy Town]

Article 21 (Operational Policy)
  • - The operational policy for various posts of Creative Economy Town is based on the review regulations of information and communication of the Korea Communications Standards Commission. In case of violation of this, the related posts can be deleted and moved without prior notice according to the Creation Economy Town operation policy, and the publisher (member) may be restricted in the use of Creative Economy Town such as ID usage restrictions.
Article 22 (Registration of Posts)
  • - Posts should be done by the real name. If a malicious article is uploaded, it may result in a warning such as deleting the post or restricting the use of the publisher (member).
Article 23 (Copyright of Posts)
  • ① Posts refer to articles, photos, files, related links and comments posted by members using the service.
  • ② A member is responsible for any damages or other problems arising from the posts registered by the member. It is also important to note that posts and comments that violate laws such as defamation, personal information disclosure, and copyright are subject to civil and criminal penalties under applicable law.
Article 24 (Restrictions Regulation on posts (deletion and movement))
  • ① Profanity/slang and posts promoting trouble
  • Expressions that contain or are reminiscent of profanity & slang
  • Any post or comment that is likely to cause disruption among members without reason
  • ② Posts not related to bulletin boards and archives
  • ③ Posts related to commercial advertisement and promotion articles
  • ④ Posts related to dissemination of personal information
  • The contents including personal information such as e-mail address, real name, photo, phone number, and resident registration number of other person or oneself
  • ⑤ Posts related to dissemination of unconfirmed rumors
  • If it is disclosed, there is concern about the infringement of the rights
  • ⑥ Posts related to differences in political views, discrimination of race/ gender/ region/ religion, and insulting someone
  • Discriminatory or offensive content about race/ gender/ region/ religion
  • The content of deprecating or disparaging different political views
  • ⑦ Posts about impersonating another person or criminal activity
  • Contents made to impersonate a party, acquaintance, neighbor, or Creative Economy Town operator related to an official or specific issue
  • Contents including crime related or criminal activity
  • ⑧ Posts related to copyright violation
  • In the case of news related to copyrighted content such as articles, photos, videos, sound recordings, and video footage, only links (URLs) are allowed, since publishing all or part of the article content may violate copyright.
  • Collecting e-mails created for illegal sharing of material such as sound recordings, photographs, and videos are also treated in the same manner.
  • ⑨ Posts related to malware/ spyware/ aversion
  • Malware and spyware distribution and induction posts may be subject to sanctions without prior warning.
  • Posts that are visually or audibly disgusting to others can be sanctioned without prior warning.
  • ⑩ Posts that may interfere with the operation of other services
Article 25 (Restrictions on Use)
  • ① When a user posts the contents that fall under the post restriction (Article 3)
  • ② When a user uses a meaningless or repeated title for the purpose of registering a large number of posts
  • ③ When registering, viewing and recommending posts in an abnormal way
Article 26 (Request Service for Posting Interruption)
  • ① When a user posts the contents that fall under the post restriction (Article 3)
  • ② When a user uses a meaningless or repeated title for the purpose of registering a large number of posts
  • ③ When registering, viewing and recommending posts in an abnormal way

[Supplementary Provision]

Article 21 (Operational Policy)
  • 1. (Enforcement Date) These Terms and conditions shall be applied from September 30, 2013, and the existing Terms are replaced by these Terms, and subscribers joining in the site before the effective date of the revised terms are subject to the revised terms.
  • 2. (Transitional Provisions) The site provides integrated authentication services for sites linked to Creative Economy Town. If you are a member of an existing family site, you may use the service without a separate subscription process by agreeing to the Terms.
  • - Existing family site: it refers to the linked agency site that cooperates with the Creative Economy Town. It includes the Creative Economy Dream Enter and Innovation Center, the Intellectual Property Transaction Information Center, the Research and Development Performance Support Center, the Defense Technology Exchange Market, the Mirian, the Science and Technology Information Council, the Future Technology Space, and the Infinite Imagination Room.

[Related Laws]

Article 21 (Operational Policy)
  • - The enforcement law of the Patent/Utility Model Act on July 1, 2013, the enforcement law of Design Protection Act on March 23, 2013, and the enforcement decree of the Trademark Act on June 2, 2013, are applied as the standard.
  • 1. Patent requirements (relating to novelty/ creativity)
  • (1) Article 29 of the Patent Act
  • (2) Article 4 of the Utility Model Act
  • (3) Article 5 of the Design Protection Act
  • (4) In the case of Trademark Act, Article 6 (Provisions on Discrimination) and Article 7 (Reasons for Non-registration)
  • 2. Claims for exceptional application of notice
  • (1) Article 30 of the Patent Act
  • (2) Article 5 of the Utility Model Act
  • (3) Article 8 of the Design Protection Act
  • (4) In the case of the Trademark Act, there is no relevant provision since it does not require novelty and creativity.